The Medina of Marrakech secrets through its labyrinths and its famous souks

25 May. 2024

The Medina of Marrakech secrets through its labyrinths and its famous souks.

Founded in the 11th century, the medina of Marrakech was originally a military camp and a market. It extends over 600 hectares and still retains its soul and its commercial character through time. This is the starting point for many souks which are grouped by trades or specialties with 40,000 artisans working within this maze of streets and alleys of the specific odors and brilliant colors.

Getting lost in the souks is an obligation to try to discover them fully through its protected narrow streets of the sun by wooden lath (Street Semarine, Souk El Kebir, Souk slippers, Souk Carpet Souk of the Dyers, Souk Ironworkers , Fondouks, Souk El Khemis, Bab Souk El Salaam Rahba Kedima ... etc). The impressive labyrinths that form the souks is a real feast for the eyes. The shimmering fabrics and slippers catch the eye and the mixture of smells of spices and traditional cosmetics you prevail through the constant flow of travelers, and local merchants plying the scene.

Explore the souks and the Secrets of the Medina of Marrakech

More you sink into the medina and you can lose yourself while doing good business!

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